Mobile Game Development

Cears Infotech is a pioneer among mobile game development organizations in the Surat, conveying skill to both desktop and mobile tasks. Our architects and craftsmen utilize Unity, Maya, Corona, Cocos2D, and numerous other industry-driving apparatuses to make the best gaming experience.

There are many developers who nurture ambitions about developing mobile gaming apps. Mobile game programming, as you are all well aware, is a different kettle of fish and requires detailed coding for all aspects of the game, at each and every stage.

While it is very difficult to develop code for mobile games, it is also a very rewarding experience for the developer.

Here's How:

Type of Game

First off, decide on what kind of mobile game you want to develop. There are many categories of games as you know. Choose the category and the kind of audience you want to target with the game. Would you prefer action, RPG or strategy? Are you looking to attract the teen population or a more intellectual set of corporates?

Only if you choose your type of game will you be able to research the resources available to develop software for the same.

Programming Language

You should then decide on the programming language for your mobile game. Usually, J2ME or Brew can help you vastly in your ambitious venture. J2ME offers many more resources for mobile programming in general and mobile game programming in particular.

Get conversant with the language of your choice and understand all its intricacies, functionalities and device support that it offers. Try to work with the APIs that the language offers.

Device Specifications

Get to know the device you want to develop your game for. It is essential that you understand all the specifications of the mobile device, such as processor type and speed, screen size, display type and resolution, image format, audio and video format and so on.

Game Design

The game design is a very important factor for developing a mobile game. You have to first plan out the general game design and architecture and think of the multifarious aspects your game will include.

You start with designing the architecture for the game engine class. If in doubt, do go to online mobile gaming forums and present your question there. Even the smallest lapse will need you to get back to starting from the roots.

Gaming Knowledge

Learn up all you need to know about mobile game programming. Read up books and take active part in gaming forums. Talk to experts in the field, in order to gain a better understanding of the system as a whole.

Also, be prepared to fail at the first few attempts. Know that there are very few game developers that succeed in their very first attempt at coding. You will most probably have to rewrite the code several times over, before you can be sort of satisfied with your work.